How to be better in targeting the customers

Just suppose you wanted to sell cases for iPhones and you’re targeting the UK, with mobile ads delivered by AdWords.

Anyone that knows anything about mobile phones will tell you that until recently, you could only buy an iPhone in the UK if you registered for the O2 network.

But at the end of 2009, Orange and Vodaphone reached agreement with Apple to also sell  the iPhone. Handsets should be available on those two networks early in 2010.

Are you beginning to see your problem as an advertiser?

Your ad for iPhone cases is only going to be of value to users of those three networks. Any ads sent on the 3 or T-mobile networks would be wasted as they are very unlikely to be seen by an iPhone owner.

And what about all those mobile phone users that don’t have an iPhone? Your iPhone case is not going to be much good to them either.

Imagine what it would be like if you could target your mobile ads at a particular network. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could even narrow your target audience to a particular type of phone. You now can with Google’s new targeting options for mobile ads.

In a few seconds you can add targeting options to any mobile ad that will restrict it to show only on phones connected to a particular network. All five UK network operators are included.

With just a few more clicks of the mouse you can also restrict the types of phone on which your ads will be seen. Currently, the Android, iPhone (& iPod) and Palm can be individually targeted.

Picture the power of these new ad options on your mobile advertising campaign.

Maybe you’re selling an app for the new Android phone. You can now target your ads at only those phones. Or maybe your website doesn’t display right on the Palm. You can now create specialised landing pages and direct Palm phone users to them instead.

The possibilities are endless!